Here are a few books that LUNK put out over the years with a few example pages for you to see.

Massive Prick – 2001

Freck’s ‘Massive Prick’ is probably the best autobiography he wrote. There were a few others ‘Not now, I’m busy’ and ‘Mind your own Beeswax’ but they didn’t give too much away. I think in this one, he sums himself up well, with various anecdotes and some memories from his childhood.


Flavours was a popular book featuring Freck’s dog Baby Jesus, teaching young children all about ‘new tastes’.

Dreamt Up

‘Dreamt up’ was a book written by Cooper detailing a years worth of dreams, reviewed and rated.

Lunk Annual 1995

A rare and well used copy of the 1995 LUNK Annual. This looked like a lot of fun.

Fink You Know Everything Don’t Cha?

A book here published by Freck which teaches you some fasinating facts, that you may or may not have known about.


A furiously popular cookbook that almost everyone owned. Here’s an easy recipe from the book that I thought would be fun to put up here.

FiddleSticks – 1997

Here are a few pages scanned from a price listing book in connection with an exhibition Freck had in 1997. From his ‘Fiddlesticks’ collection.