Arise Sir Lunk

Arise Sir Lunk – 1990

After ‘Crawley Strikes Back’ it was anyone’s guess what LUNK would do next. What they had up their sleeves was something magical. Arise Sir Lunk, a concept fantasy album based on a three part dream Freck had. A musical about a medieval cosmic knight who rides out upon his robot horse to battle a space dragon, with the aim to rescue his maiden. Or something like that.

Drums, guitars, horns, pipes, gunfire, explosions, dragons and robot horses…this album has it all. Yet it was no easy feat to mix. LUNK hired Clumzo’s finest, if not greatest mixer Tree Lavino to do the job.
The album also features a narration, setting the scene before each track and puts the listener right there in the moment. I have chosen the title track from the album to play you, in which our hero comes up against the space dragon.



TRIVIA: After the release and success of the album, Freck commissioned an inventor and ironsmith to make him a fully working robot horse. The first day he took it out though it happened to be raining and the horse broke. “I’ve kept hold of it’s head, it’s a bit fucking rusty mind”

Below: A Q&A LUNK did for girl’s magazine ‘Hexagon Express’

Below: An interview with mixing legend Tree Lavino & Album review from Emerald Pings.