Boom Room

Boom Room – 1992

‘Room Music’ might not be something you’re familiar with. Neither was I until I listened to ‘Boom Room’, LUNK’s 3rd album. Some hardcore LUNK fans like to think this never happened, others love it, many describing it as their finest hour. Boom Room was originally released in 1992 on a limited edition pink boomerang shaped record. I have no idea who the sailor is on the front cover. According to Cooper, he’s just a “friend”.

Boom Room was a huge hit and still to this day gets played in gay bars all over Clumzo. My choice of song to play you from the album would have to be ‘Dusty Bloke’. One of my personal favourites.


Below: Interview Freck gave with gossip mag ‘Flim Flam’. Album review from Emerald Pings.