Confess – 1985


Despite ‘Angel Meat’ doing well on the outside, things weren’t looking too great on the inside. Still imprisoned, Freck and Cooper were beginning to regret their publicity stunt.
This was until they came up with a clever idea, by recording and releasing a new song from within their prison cell. An unnamed friend of Freck’s had sent them a big cake, baked with a computer hidden inside it. It was using this that they made their song. The song was called ‘Confess’ and proved to be a very important one in their career. Confess was a full confession to their sins in the woods that previous year. A majority of people still bought into their story and had been waiting for an apology. This was it.
Once accepted by the general public, various protests and appeals took place and it wasn’t long before LUNK were set free.



TRIVIA: Not many people know this but if you play this record backwards, you can hear a satanic voice (Freck) repeating the line “The devil’s dick is mighty mean, it’s red and thick and pisses steam”


Below: An interview with LUNK featured in the christian magazine ‘Aww Bless’.