Bum Lips

Ok, this is disgusting but anyway… Bum Lips was a kids tv show created by Freck and starred Freck’s backside. It aired from 1989-1992 and ran for 5 series. It was broadcast at 4:30am every Sunday morning, the perfect time where parents would still be in bed but children would be awake to watch it. For years Freck managed to get away with it, with concerned parents being told that Bum Lips was just a puppet. I’ve uploaded the episode ‘Raspberry Kisses’ from the video that came out. Sorry about the poor quality.

The show was such a hit with the kids that ‘Bum Lips The Movie’ was made. Yet this time the ol’ gas-bag is not her usual chatty/bubbly self. In fact she’s so sad and upset that she’s taken a ‘Vow of Silence’ (constipation). The film follows Bum Lips and her friends, who try and help her to open up and “let it all out”, with oh so hilarious results…
The film was shown at Freck’s local cinema. Upon buying a ticket you’d get given a little matchbox called ‘Trapped Wind’, which Freck himself had each and individually farted into. At a point in the film where Bum Lips finally breaks her silence, the audience were cued to ‘Open their boxes’. Resulting in a very pongy cinema indeed. playgrounds.