My dad was a busy man. Judging by all this, not only did he manage the band, he ran the LUNK fanclub as well. It seemed that when you joined the club you’d get sent these…

1) A Freck Mask. 2) A Cooper Braclet. 3) A Signed Autograph. 4) An Eyeball Pin Badge. 5) LUNK Fridge Magnets. 6) Sweets. 7) A Pocket Bobby. 8) Cooper’s Mucus. 9) A Lucky Feather. 10) One of Freck’s Toenail Clippings.


Not only would a fanclub member get all the bits shown above, once a month they’d get sent a newsletter. There were hundreds of these things in the box. I just grabbed a bunch and scanned them in, in no particular order. The last one though is a new one I wrote, my very first issue as the new fanclub president (click thumbnails to enlarge).


A lot of people wrote to LUNK over the years, some with words of kindness, others…not so kind. Again, these are just a few I pulled out the pile.

Fan Art

One thing I found really sweet was that a lot of fans would send in drawings and paintings they’d created. Here are a few of my favourites.