Arsetronaut – 2012


LUNK ARE BACK! and let me tell you, a lot happened in the last couple of years. Cooper lost his fortune in a house fire, Mindy was dumped by Sip Sav and LUNK have reunited to record their 5th album. The album is Arsetronaut and features 10 all new songs. Cooper realised the error of his ways and was back to his old self. Freck was over the moon having his old buddy back.
I have chosen the opening track from the album to play you here. ‘Good to Walk’ which Freck wrote about his old flame Mindy Twice. A perfect send off to his failed on-off relationship with her. GO LUNK GO!


Below: An interview Mindy Twice gave earlier this year to woman’s magazine ‘The Visitor’.

Below: Interview with LUNK from lads magazine ‘Stronzo’.