Reflection Inspection

Reflection Inspection – 2009

Time had passed but Freck was still feeling the pain from what had happened. Cooper still didn’t want to know him, Mindy was still off having fun with Sip Sav and poor little Baby Jesus had passed away. Freck had nothing, he was on his own. However, my dad managed to talk him into doing a solo album. The result was more of a love letter to Cooper, some may say a cry for help. Reflection Inspection, 10 songs of sadness, anger, loneliness, madness and sorrow. The album is a mixed bag of emotions and they’re all pretty extreme, which makes some of the songs hard to follow. It’s certainly not the easiest thing to listen to.

I have chosen ‘My Arsehole Years’ to play here, probably the most upbeat song on the CD, an honest apology to his dear friend with some hope for a brighter future.

TRIVIA: Around this time Cooper was asked by the press, if he’d heard Freck’s new CD. His response – “Yeah, I heard it snapping in my hand”.

Below: Tracklisting from the album and lyrcis to the song.

Below: An interview Freck gave to ‘Ave a Word’