Angel Meat

Angel Meat – 1984

Powerful, Messy, Nasty, Explosive and Grubby. Would be just some of the words that would best describe LUNK’s first album ‘Angel Meat’.
Yet for them, this was a bittersweet time. Their first single ‘That Okay?’ went straight to number 0 in the music charts. I’m told that never before had a debut single gone “straight in at zilch”, thus setting a new record. However, whereas this should have called for celebration, Freck and Cooper were locked away in prison.
The album sleeve quite clearly shows Freck engaging in sexual intercourse with a “dead angel” that they “found in the woods”  When I first read about all this I was quite frankly appalled.  I dropped the whole idea of making this website and chucked it back where it belonged, into my computer’s recycle bin, much like the horrible dustbin LUNK came from.
It was only a week later when I was going through one of dad’s old diaries, that I found out that the whole damn thing was an elaborate hoax. But for it to truly work, Freck and Cooper had to stick to their story till the end. They were both given life sentences, with the judge stating the simple fact – The camera never lies.

It was a hard choice choosing which of the songs to play you from ‘Angel Meat’ but seeing as it was their debut single, I present ‘That Okay?’


1) Record sleeve inlay including some rare shots of my dad on drums.
2) Music Chart
3) Front page of the ‘Big Tissue’ with the news of LUNK’s arrest. (The local council would hand these out for the homeless to sell with the notion that they could use any leftovers to clean themselves with. This issue seems to have been one of those)

Bottom: Music review from Clumzo’s critic of everything, Emerald Pings.