Lunk Is in the Air

Lunk Is in the Air – 2001

LUNK up your daughters! In 2001 LUNK’s 4th album ‘Lunk is in the Air’ was released. An album of love songs, but no ordinary love songs, these were much more true and honest towards modern romance. The album was a big hit and hugely popular with young girls, giving LUNK a whole new fanbase. Despite practically every female in Clumzo throwing themselves at Freck, he showed no interest. After Pete Sake was thrown in jail, Mindy’s affair with him had quickly fizzled out. A few years later she returned to Freck and talked him into giving her another chance. They were an item again, much to Cooper’s disapproval.
The album featured their popular single ‘No More Tears’, namely because it featured Clumzo’s most famous rap artist Dollar Clamz. Not only did it feature Clamz, it also featured his uncredited sidekick Grievous HB and even Freck’s girl Mindy Twice.

Below: CD sleeve for ‘No More Tears’ and a rare Dollar Clamz poster taken from music mag ‘Schmusic’.

Below: Interview Freck and Mindy gave for lifestyle magazine ‘Wotcha’.