Frank’s Beard

Frank’s Beard – 1998

In 1998 LUNK released Frank’s Beard. A children’s record teaching youngsters all about puberty. It featured two of their forgotten comic-strip characters Frank & Stan. Stan being a kid who relied on his creation and best friend Frank to guide him through life, beat up bullies and reach for things that were too high up for him (kites stuck in trees, porno mags etc). The comic strip wasn’t great and didn’t do too well, LUNK however wanted to breathe one last dying breath into the idea and came up with this. It was reasonably successful and even came with a novelty beard that your children could wear.
The LP single had two songs on it. I have chosen the A side to play you. So, on the double, go grow some stubble!

Below: Lyrics & Beard.

Below: An interview LUNK gave to an oddly animated edition of kid’s mag ‘Chinny Reckons’.