Dinkles/Hosey Posey

Dinkles – 2003

LUNK was over and Cooper was no longer speaking to Freck. Cooper did however record a jingle for ‘Dinkles’ a well known chain of burger restaurants/beauty salons. “Ooh Ahh Burger me, it’s delicious, it’s Dinkles”. The royalties he received for doing this were astronomical. The annoying part of this was the jingle he recorded was done in a matter of seconds. Recorded over a phone call he received whilst in the bath.


His new found fortune had gone straight to his head turning him into the smuggest, most arrogant being you could ever imagine. See for yourself in these pages of a magazine he published. I’m so glad I didn’t know him during this period.



Hosey Posey – 2004

The music chart at this time seemed pretty empty without LUNK around. That is until Sip Sav’s ‘F**k U to the Hosepipe Ban’ was released. Now I know this is not technically LUNK but as Sip Sav was dating Mindy, and what had gone on in the past, I think it’s worth metioning here. The album (which I personally think is pretty awful) was a big hit with teenage boys, mainly in the drug scene, or the “Pills ‘n’ Disco” movement as it was known. Sip was at the top of his game, ruling the land, at top of the charts and everyone loved him. He’d not only taken away Freck’s girl but also his fans, and was certainly having the last laugh about it all.
The song I’ve chosen from this album is ‘Hosey Posey’. All the songs on this album are about waving two fingers up at the hosepipe ban. That year was a particularly dry one and a hosepipe band had been put in place by Sip Sav himself. Not only does this album contradict his own law, it encouraged people to use their hosepipes, in which they later got fined for. A real crafty piece of work.


Below: An interview with Sip Sav and Mindy Twice. Taken from trendy magazine ‘Socmel’