Flyin’ Solo

Flyin’ Solo – 2002

LUNK were on a roll with their last album ‘Lunk is in the Air’ and seemed an unstoppable force. But sadly, all good things must come to an end, and this was it. Flyin’ Solo was released, a romantic comedy written by and starring Freck Sepsis with music by LUNK. It was directed by acclaimed film director Chuck Pint but this did nothing to help. Prior to the release of the film, the soundtrack single had come out. Even though at first it did pretty well, people began to dislike it. It had outstayed its welcome. Not only that, the lyrics described the entire film, giving away the whole story, much like the poster that gives away the ending. The film also starred Mindy Twice and Clumzo’s ruler Sip Sav, albeit as brief cameos at the end. Everything about this film was a complete disaster, marking a point in all their lives where things were about to suddenly change.
Mindy was up to her usual tricks by cheating on Freck for the 2nd time, running off with her co-star Sip Sav once the film had sank. Not only had Mindy left Freck but so had Cooper. LUNK were history.

As much as I dislike the song myself, I think it’s important to document  here.



1) The film went straight to videos. I say videos and not video because only a few were ever made. Piracy laws were extremely heightened around this time, so the actual video I have has a solar powered anti piracy device attached to it. I have no idea how to take this off . Maybe I need to leave it in the sun for a while. Who knows? Who cares?
2/3) A detailed review of the film by Emerald Pings taken from movie mag ‘R U 4 Reels?’
4) When Freck discovered Mindy had run off with Sip Sav, he sent her a letter. Sip Sav intervened and cruelly sent back the letter to Freck, marked and graded.

Both newspapers ‘Good News’ and ‘Bad News’ covered the same story about LUNK splitting up. The two stories cancelled eachother out, leaving the population of Clumzo unfussed either way.